A Sample of the Simplicity Vacuum Cleaner Range

The Simplicity vacuum cleaners range offers a number of high quality vacuum cleaners which are built to last and include a lot more metal and advanced features than you will find in cheaper cleaners. If you are in a market and want to buy top vacuum cleaners, then lets find out some of the best vacuum cleaners in India here.

Here are Simplicity vacuum reviews on a few of the current models on offer online:

Simplicity vacuum Synergy upright range. Here you have a well equipped upright vacuum which comes with a healthy stock of attachments and tools, which is pictured above. There is a 6 year warranty on the machine as well as a lifetime belt warranty.

The front mounted LED lights give it a rather futuristic look and the colors available are majestic blue ( on standard specs) and rattlesnake (on premium specs). The standard model costs a little over $1,100 while the premium one retails at around $1,500.

Premium Power canister vacuum cleaners. If you prefer the mobility and easy reach facilities offered by the canister model of cleaner then you might like to have a look at this high quality range.

A Central Vacuum System for Ease of Use and Clean Air

Simplicity Vacuum central vac System. Those home owners who want to enjoy cleaner air, less vacuum noise and an easier way of cleaning the home will find all these advantages in this type of system, whereby the central motor and dirt collection unit are stored somewhere out of the way and the cleaning brush and hose just needs to be attached to the sockets which are placed throughout the house.

The Simplicity options include a cyclonic version and a HEPA Simplity vacuum bag one. The picture at the side of this paragraph shows the central unit, which is commonly placed in the basement or garage of the property.

A Selection of Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Models

Sanitaire vacuum cleaners began to appear in the 1950s, the decade in which the Sanitaire Heavy Duty vacuum range began to make its mark in the commercial cleaning world. Since then they become firmly established as a popular and reliable brand.

The current Sanitaire vacuum cleaner collection has both domestic and commercial vacuum cleaner models in it, as well as Sanitaire vacuum parts and accessories, with a heavy emphasis on the commercial market. In this article we will look at a few of the stand out models on offer:

Canister vacuum cleaners. These are ideal for cleaning stairs, as they are generally lightweight and offer a good, flexible hose and a long cord. The Sanitaire cordless vacuum range- model pictured above –  is marketed as giving a professional clean and the models S3681 and S3686 provide a 20 foot power cord, 12 amps and replaceable Sanitaire vacuum bags.

Lightweight vacuum models. If you prefer the upright style of vacuum cleners but have a bad back or some other reason for wanting a lighter style of cleaner then this could be the ideal choice for you.

You should expect between 5 and 6.5 amps from the various models on offer, and a cord of between 20 and 30 ft. The model S634, S782, S9020 offer a varying range of specifications all provide a good cleaning capacity and a number of useful tools and accessories.

The Classic Upright Model

Upright Vacuum. Many people prefer the classic upright Sanitaire vacuum types, and the S647, S670, S677 and S9120 versions all offer a good, thorough cleaning job. All expect the latter one mentioned provide 7 amps of power, with the S9120 giving 11.5 amps. These are all traditional looking upright cleaners with come with replaceable vacuum bags and are sturdy, powerful and versatile enough to handle a range of different cleaning jobs.

Choosing Sharp Vacuum Cleaners

Sharp vacuum cleaners are among the most highly sought after models, and here we will look at a couple of models:

Sharp EC-S5170 Lightweight Upright Vacuum model retails online at a little under $130 and is a lightweight bagless model which runs using the cyclonic vacuum system.It also can be used on different types of floor surfaces, with the option of switching simply between the carpet and bare floor modes using the multi floor selector.

Many people still remain a bit wary of bagless vacuum cleaners because of the fear of dust and dirt either clogging up the machine or escaping into the air that you and your family breathe. However, this Sharp vacuum is a Hepa filter vacuum, which means that over 99% of particles are trapped and retained by the filtration system. As well as being light and clean,  the Sharp EC-S5170 lightweight model also makes a lot less noise than many other models of cleaner.

Sharp EC S2370 Vacuum Cleaner. This model has quite a lot of feature in common with the one we looked at above. The cleaning width is 12 inches, it used the HEPA filter system and it switched comfortably between different types of floooring whenever you change the multi surface switch over to another setting. There are 12 amps of power and 1300 watts. It is also quiet and has a pretty long, 24 ft cord.

How to Get Hold of Sharp Vacuum Parts

One of the big advantages of buying a bug brand name such as Sharp vacuum cleaners is that getting hold of parts is easy online or in local stores. The models above are bagless vacuum cleaners, so you will probably only ever need to look for new filters and maybe vacuum belts at some point. If you a bagged style cleaner then you will find plenty of Sharp vacuum bag retailers online.

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